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Cashmere fabric is very expensive making it the king of all fabrics. It is only differentiated on the basis of cost. The feel and touch of the fabric makes it stand out. A soft, luxurious and silky touch is synonymous with cashmere clothing. It is mostly made into winter wear as the wool is very warm. So why are people nuts after cashmere clothing and not just women, but men too? First of all, cashmere clothing has an elegant style that makes it worth having. Next, it is very durable and does not wrinkle easily. In addition it has a long life if taken care appropriately. Cashmere clothing is a great winter friend because it keeps the cold out.
There is one thing you may not know about cashmere wool and clothing is that it has the tendency to keep you cool as well. That is why it can be worn in spring as well. One of the amazing features of cashmere clothing is that as it ages it becomes softer.

Why does it last a life time? Well, you owe it to the goats that in four years produce enough yarn for a regular-sized sweater as well as the laborious hours in weaving it.

Treating your cashmere clothes well
When you are cleaning cashmere clothes, extra care should be taken. Cashmere clothes should always be hand washed in cold water using an excellent soap. It is important not to wring the cloth. Press out the water using a towel and then let it dry on a flat surface. If you take care of your cashmere clothes well, you can experience that royal feeling for ages that comes with cashmere.

Styles in cashmere clothing
The fashion industry is changing with every season making it the one of the fastest changing industries in the world. The styles of cashmere clothing change as frequently as the people inside them. Sometimes people are breaking banks just to get a piece of latest cashmere clothing. However, with cashmere clothing some styles remain chic for years.
For instance, a cashmere sweater no matter if styled in the 90s will still remain trendy in this era. This is because of the quality and look of the fabric. Many top fashion designers style the sweaters in a way that they remain a part of fashion statement for years. For instance, men wearing cashmere sweaters with layering or with collared shirts always look great and show of a unique styling sense. A sweater is not just the only clothing produced from cashmere, there are many more.

Types of cashmere clothing
Cashmere clothing is fit for all ages of man and woman. You can select from many different cashmere products available in the market.
Cashmere scarf – Using a soft cashmere scarf in winters to protect your face will never cause you any irritation or itch unlike some fabrics. It will always keep your face and your entire body warm. In addition, it will also make you look stylish. Since the beginning a shawl, now shorten to be a scarf, is considered an ultimate luxury to have.
Cashmere coat – What a woman won’t do to have one? A sleek beautifully styled buttoned white cashmere coat is one of the best collections you can ever have in your wardrobe. It is great for winters and summers as the material is so soft and light that you will never want to take it off.
Cashmere socks – That’s right. Cashmere is also woven into socks making it a must have clothing item for winters. If you are going out in a snow, cover the cashmere socks with a pair of cotton socks. This will not only take care of your cashmere socks from water, but will also provide you with insulation.
Cashmere cardigans – A cardigan or a sweater is not just great for winters, but are also considered a style statement in the summers. A cardigan can be thin and thick depending on your choice. There are many available styles you can choose from.
Cashmere jumpers – Wearing a jumper can make any woman trendy and conservative at the same time. Besides being warm, it provides a soft silky feeling that will make your winters great. It can be worn with a long shirt or tights and boots.

Whichever piece of cashmere clothing you have, you will always feel marvelous when it touches your skin. Every type of clothing will do justice to you whether you are wearing a cashmere skirt or a coat. Try one and get that royal and soft fuzzy feeling people have been feeling for years.