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Cashmere lovers should be greatly thankful to the Asians for providing their prized fabric – cashmere. Coarse hair of a Kashmiri goat woven to excellence was the number choice of the royal Tibetan family for centuries. Today, this royal fabric adds to the prestige of many women’s wardrobe. Exceptionally warm, soft with a silky finish speaks of its timeless appeal and ultimate luxury.
Why are women obsessed with cashmere clothing? Women first started to use cashmere as sweaters in the cold Tibetan weather. The tradition continued and was passed through one region to the other. The rarity of the cashmere goats and failure of men to replicate or synthesize the ultra soft and fine material increased the popularity of cashmere. Since it is a naturally woven material from the fur of a cashmere goat, which takes about four years to grow, the scarcity made the material very special.

Once reserved only for the royals, the fabric soon came within common people’s reach when trade and industrialization of cashmere began. Becoming ultimate winter wear in most cold countries of the world, the allure and appeal of cashmere makes it a special and pricey clothing item for anyone. Cashmere has now gained the title of being one of the essential clothing items in a women’s wardrobe. Choosing from a host of clothing options, the key is to know what cashmere dress to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it.

The uniqueness of cashmere sweaters and coats is that it can be worn on anything including skirts, jeans and trousers. The comfort and luxurious feel combined with durability makes it a fashion style for all seasons. Fashion designers have experimented with the fabric in almost every color and length. Most consider a white knee length coat to be the ultimate cashmere look, while a short waist length coat is also considered elegant. Cashmere coats and sweaters are mostly for winters as they provide the warmth and softness women need in harsh winter conditions. A coat can be stylishly form fitted or can be loose.

Cashmere scarves are another great option for women to wrap themselves in cashmere. Cashmere scarves are low priced compared to coats and sweaters. It can provide you with the same essential qualities as a coat. This is why cashmere scarves are getting really popular among people who walk in frosty mornings to work. One of the most famous types of cashmere scarves is Pashm or Pashmina derived from Persian dialect. You can get two kinds of scarves – plain or plaid. A high quality Pashmina is worth a place in your accessories wardrobe.

Lastly, the world of women’s cashmere clothes contains socks. Keeping feet feeling warm in the winter with a soft silk like touch, a pair of cashmere socks is a must have piece of clothing.
With so many options, women can choose from any cashmere clothing that fits their budget and needs. Whatever clothing you choose, it is guaranteed that cashmere will make you stand out from the crowd.

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